Physiotherapy and Allied Health

What are Cervicogenic Headaches?

by Ethos Health - 11 Aug 2017

Along with tension headaches and migraines, cervicogenic headaches are common - so what symptoms do you need to look out for?


Knee Pain

by Ethos Health - 26 Jul 2016

Ethos Health start their journey on helping you understand knee pain.


Do You Have Chronic or Persisting Pain?

by Ethos Health - 31 May 2015

The intensity of your pain isn’t simply proportional to the degree of injury in the affected bone, nerve or soft tissue. Sure, the injury contributes, but pain (especially persisting pain) is much, much more complicated than that. Your health, beliefs, past experience and environment all amplify or reduce your experience of pain. Confused? This locally produced video discusses pain physiology in less than 5 minutes and will help you understand what might reinforce elements of your persisting pain and what to do about it.

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