Physiotherapy and Allied Health

The Truth About Exercise Pills

by Ethos Health - 27 Oct 2015

Scientists are working to develop so-called "exercise pills" and they're making some progress, according to two studies published recently.


Join the Fastest Growing Exercise Group for Free

by Ethos Health - 24 Feb 2015

Newcastle Parkrun is a free organised event, with timing, so you can strive for a PB each time and improve your fitness and health. The event is run by local volunteers and is worth your attention!


Magic Bullet - 30for30

by Ethos Health - 26 Nov 2014

Did you know there’s something out there, absolutely free, with no side effects, which can even be fun, that will lower your risk of Colon cancer by 60%, Stroke by 27%, Diabetes by 50%, Heart disease by 40%?

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