Daibetes Blitz

Diabetes Blitz

Diabetes Blitz represents a simple concept based on the best available evidence for managing type 2 diabetes – we provide 3 key ingredients:

  • The fundamental knowledge you must have, without fads or health crazes;
  • The skills to apply that knowledge to your lifestyle;
  • The resources that let you reach your full health potential

What does it mean in practice?

You are provided with comprehensive resources, both online and in print, that explain the interaction between the choices you make (in regards to nutrition, exercise, and a range of other habits) and the status of your diabetes (including the severity of disease and need for medications).

Your seven consultations are all about finding ways to apply that knowledge to your circumstances; that’s why all our sessions are 1:1 – because we recognise your needs are unique.

The outcome is that people with type 2 diabetes gain control; we’ll support you to lose weight, reduce your medication and improve your quality of life for the long term.

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What do you get?

    diabetes blitz

    Program Guide 

    The Guide has everything you need to complete the Diabetes Blitz Program, in a simple week by week format.

    diabetes blitz

    Program Diary

    Track your results over the course of the next 12 weeks and tick off each week's to-do list. We also ask that you complete a few short questionnaires pre and post-program to ensure your diabetes-specific knowledge and ability to self manage.

      diabetes blitz

      Online Nutrition support 

      You will receive 3 month access to a leading online nutrition platform that allows you to track your nutrition and activity. This comprehensive online tracking database helps you stay on track and enables you to understand what you are putting in your body down to a micro nutrient level.   

      diabetes blitz

      Measuring Utensils 

      Keep a careful watch on how much you eat. The 8 piece measuring set is everything you need in the kitchen to ensure you have the correct portion size. 

      diabetes blitz


      These resources are available through your ClickFit access or on your USB drive, just in case you like hard copies of the diabetes friendly meal plans, shopping lists and exercise recommendations.

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        Clip on your pedometer and start noticing how many steps you take each day. Researchers* has found that the use of a pedometer is associated with significant increases in physical activity and weight loss and improvements in blood pressure.

        diabetes blitz

        Calorie Counter Book 

        Here is a pocket-sized resource to help ou make better food choices when you are out and about.

        diabetes blitz

        Measuring Tape 

        The scales are only part of the story. Waist circumference is and independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes; expect to see improvements over the 12 week program.



        *M. Bravata et al. Using Pedometers to Increase Physical Activity and Improve Health A Systematic Review 2007;298(19)


        More Information 

        If you would like to know more about the Diabetes Blitz program please contact Chris Morton.


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