InBody Scan

InBody Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Technology is a standardised approach to analysing body composition. BIA is a rapid, practical, minimally invasive and relatively inexpensive instrument to analyse body composition of individuals. Results are highly correlated with ‘gold-standard’ techniques such as MRI or CT but can be conducted quickly, cheaply and in our Newcastle practice or on-site. BIA measures bodyweight, fat, muscle and water levels, providing a snapshot of health that is highly relevant for everyone, regardless of activity profile. Individuals can accurately track changes in body fat and muscle mass over time, and workplaces can use InBody to engage their staff in health programs and monitor outcomes across a wide range of possible interventions.

How does InBody work?

InBody uses low-level electric frequencies that travel through the body to measure the water content outside and inside of the cell separately.

Why get an InBody scan?

  • Monitor weight (fat) loss
  • Track body composition changes with training
  • Assess body water balance and hydration levels
  • Track visceral fat levels and risk of chronic disease
  • Monitor response to injury treatment
  • What will your InBody report look like?

    Your personalised report will include in-depth analysis of;

    • Body Fat %
    • Protein content
    • Visceral fat (the bad fat around your organs)
    • Water content
    • Minerals

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    How can you get a scan?

    If you would like to get an InBody Scan please call our reception on (02) 4962 8700

    You also have the option of getting one of our Loyalty cards.

    1. Stand-alone scan (includes scan, individual report and debrief with a physiotherapist, dietitian or exercise physiologist) - $40.00. if you have private health insurance with extras cover, this will cover on average $30 of the cost, leaving a typical gap payment of around $10.

    2. Scan as part of a consultation with a physiotherapist, dietitian or exercise physiologist - $20.00 in addition to the usual consult fee

    3. Buy 4, get 2 free - buy 6 scans for $160.00

    4. Bring a friend and get 50% off your own scan

    Buy 4 and get 2 free with our 12 month membership cards
     Free scan after any 5 consultations