Fatigue First Aid Training

Fatigue First Aid is all about staying alert, staying on task and staying alive, and is one part of a broader Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS). It covers what you need to do when a fatigue-related event occurs. It also explains how you can use the FatigueTech app to help you make informed decisions about reducing or eliminating fatigue risks. Two important procedures, RADAR and B-SAFE are also discussed. These procedures can help you ask the right questions and take appropriate actions in a given situation. The Course also provides you with ideas for creating your own Fatigue First Aid Plan both face to face and online.

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Fatigue First Aid provides each individual with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to effectively manage fatigue risks for them and their team.


Fatigue First Aid provides a clear and demonstrable system (RADAR/BSAFE) whereby all employees can take responsibility to proactively respond to a fatigue event.


A system is only as good as the people engaging in it. The Fatigue First Aid program is designed to incorporate the three components that lead to shared action…responsibility, transparency and support.

Fatigue First Aid Training

A fatigue management program that includes Fatigue First Aid is a smart business investment. It will help all stakeholder fulfil their duty of care by ensuring they are aware of and have the right tools to help them minimise risks of fatigue in the workplace.

What to expect?

- Training (60 minutes online education or 1-hour workshop format)

- Resources

  • Introduction to the RADAR and BSAFE procedure and its application using either the Fatigue Check or FatigueTech App.
  • The FatigueTech App has been created to help identify and manage fatigue. It’s designed to be effective because workers will learn from the people who best know their work – other people doing the same work. A product of innovative technology and workplace know-how, the FatigueTech App is simple, affordable and will have minimal disruption to your core business operations.

- Monitoring and Compliance: Outline how the data from the Fatigue Check or FatigueTech App can be used to demonstrate fatigue management is good for business (production, safety, morale).

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Damian Bassett
General Manager Safety | Kalari Pty Ltd

“At Kalari we have been focussed on the compliance and technology aspects of fatigue management for some time, an now Dr Trent Watson and his excellent team at Ethos Health have provided us with education on Fatigue First Aid and facilitation of Fatigue Charter development across the country. With the assistance of Ethos Health we are progressing towards having multiple and coordinated fatigue controls in place and integrated into our Kalari Safety Management System”