Fatigue Management Training

2-hour fatigue management format is an interactive workshop series that provides your employees with effective management strategies for fatigue that are relevant for them personally. We work with your people to help them develop personal fatigue resistance.


Fatigue Management Training

Enable your workforce to have the understanding and knowledge of fatigue management strategies to develop more fatigue resistance.

Proactive Fatigue Culture

Create supportive and transparent principles that will encourage a clear and proactive reporting culture.

Holistic Approach to Fatigue

Give your employees the tools to manage physical, mental and behavioural symptoms and causes of fatigue.

Fatigue Awareness Training covers all you need to know to help prevent fatigue and manage fatigue-related incidents.

This course covers:

Symptoms of Fatigue

What Contributes to Fatigue

Short and Long-terms Risks of Fatigue

Legal Requirements for Managing Fatigue

Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Fatigue

Using this knowledge you can create your own Fatigue Profile from which you can develop an individual Fatigue First Aid plan.

Who is this training for?










Fatigue Management Leadership Training

Fatigue Leadership is essential knowledge if you are in a leadership role and responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of others.

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Take Shared Action

Give leaders the skills to help ask the right questions and take appropriate actions in any situation.

Clear Message & Method

Ensuring leaders have the skills and resources to provide a clear message and method of managing fatigue to create a culture of responsibility, transparent and support.

Monitoring & Compliance

Give leaders the necessary skills and resources to ensure fatigue is monitored across their workforce to ensure compliance and comparison with core business KPIs.

What to expect?


Fatigue Leadership is essential knowledge if you are in a leadership role and responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of others. Getting people to use fatigue management strategies effectively is one of the most challenging issues for a leader.

This course covers;


  • Engaging people in fatigue prevention and management
  • Monitoring the implementation of fatigue management strategies
  • Applying rostering schedules in line with current policy and procedure
  • Recognising breaches of fatigue management policies, procedures and regulations
  • Developing and assessing staff competence in fatigue management
  • Providing feedback to staff on shortcomings in fatigue management skills and knowledge
  • Reporting on the implementation of fatigue management procedure

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