Health and Wellbeing Programs

Promoting health and lifestyle in the workforce is becoming a major focus for many successful organizations around the world. A recent paper by the world economic forum investigating 28 810 workers in 15 countries highlighted the importance of organisations promoting wellness in the work place.

Our Health and Wellbeing Programs

Rapid Weight Loss Challenge

Rapid Weight Loss Challenge

Rapid is a 6-week, group based weight loss challenge designed to maximise the health of you work force.

Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management

We can provide you with the knowledge, skills and resources to manage or prevent type 2 diabetes now and into the future, through a range of innovative 1:1 programs.

Some key findings on organisations that were seen as promoting health were:


more likely to be a best performer


more likely to be more productive


more likely to have employees engaged in the business


more likely to encourage creativity and innovation


less likely to lose staff

These figures alone highlight the importance of promoting a health & lifestyle in your workplace.

Our Services

The Ethos Health Program offer a variety of team based health and safety themed workshops and challenges. The workshops are selected to target workplace needs that are largely guided by health screening, management and the working parties.

Our programs are innovative, engaging, achieve measurable improvements in health outcomes and consistently received high level of positive participant feedback.

NSW Mining

Trent discussing health at the NSW mining conference

Health Screening

Our online health risk assessment tool provides each employee with a personal health score and the company with valuable benchmarking data. The consolidated results of this workplace survey will help to inform the key focus areas of your program.

Our Health Check tangibly measures the factors that determine our health (i.e. smoking, nutrition, alcohol, physical activity, obesity, mental health, function, pain and sleep). After completing the questionnaire participants ideally attend a coaching session with a health professional to target areas they can improve.

Workshops and Toolbox talk

We provide a range of engaging workshops on a variety of health and wellbeing topics that inspire and empower your employees to make positive change.

  • Value of Health
  • Live Life in Style
  • Stand Up for Your Health
  • Corporate Lunchbox
  • SNAPSHOT Health Risk Factors
  • Weight loss
  • Body function and exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Workplace fatigue
  • Manual Handling &/or workstation ergonomics


  • Rapid Weight Loss Challenge
  • 10 min Function Fitness Challenge