StartFitTM  Pre-employment Health Assessments

The 2017 Safe Work Australia report showed that nearly 50% of all serious workers compensation injuries in 2015-16 were due to soft tissue strains and sprains, secondary to employees performing hazardous manual tasks.

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There is overwhelming evidence that addressing hazardous manual tasks at their source by elimination, substitution, isolation or engineering controls is the best form of defence against injury. However, it is impossible to ignore the human factors that are also at play – the knowledge, skill, health, functional fitness and even culture of the workforce can profoundly impact injury risk. How do you ensure your candidates have the physical and functional capacity to perform the roles for which they have applied?

We help employers ensure their new people StartFitTM with a range of pre-employment assessments customised to each role within an organisation. 

Ethos Health’s StartFIT framework has been designed to ensure that:

  1. A rapid turnaround supports timely recruitment decisions; we offer appointments within 3 business days and a 24-hour report turnaround.
  2. Key employee health risks are identified and documented, with clear identification of baseline health status and functional capacity.
  3. Health and functional assessments are conducted by experienced university-trained health professionals, not administrative staff.
  4. Assessments can be conducted on or off-site, according to your needs.
  5. Medical terminology is clearly translated to lay terms and referenced against accepted population norms. This helps HR staff without a medical background quickly reach an informed decisions.
  6. Every report is quality checked by senior Ethos Health staff, ensuring absolute consistency and accuracy.
  7. There is flexibility in assessment inclusions, according to factors such as position demands, legislative requirements and budget.
  8. Candidates leave the assessment with a clear understanding of their own health status, and priority measures they can take to address health risks.
  9. The assessment is part of a positive entry to the organisation for candidates, where health is seen to be valued and a culture of shared responsibility is in place
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What we assess

We assess only what is relevant to each position, and happily include position-specific test protocols as required. This saves your candidates time and saves you money. Standard items include. 

    Health components
  • Health Questionnaire 
  • Statutory declaration 
  • Cardiovascular check
  • Spirometry 
  • Audiometry 
  • Drugs and alcohol testing 
  • Urinalysis 
  • Vision
    Functional components
  • Range of Movement / flexibility 
  • Aerobic fitness 
  • Manual handling tests 
  • Postural tolerances 
  • Balance 
  • Trunk Stability 
  • Special tests (knee ligaments, shoulder, impingement, carpal tunnel and more) 

Our Pre-employment Clients 

Rapid Weight Loss Challenge

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