Rapid Weight Loss Challenge

Rapid is a 6-week, group based weight loss challenge designed to maximise the health of your workforce. The program combines online tools with face-to-face sessions to support, motivate and engage your workforce.

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The Rapid challenge has repeatedly seen high levels of participation and engagement across a variety of industries (mining , construction, transport, health). To date the average weight loss (n=394) achieved on completion of our Rapid program has boasted 4.75% of total body weight.

A 5% weight loss has the potential to have a major impact on both individuals’ health. Health benefits such as.

  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Improves blood glucose
  • Reduces aches and pains
  • Improves mobility
  • Can improve breathing
  • Help you to sleep better
  • Reduces the risk of sleep apnoea
  • Reduces risk of diabetes and associated abnormalities
  • Reduces the risk of certain cancers
Rapid Weight Loss Challenge

What do you get?

Online Nutrition and Exercise Tracking Platform

Employees will be given access to a world class online nutrition and exercise program called ClickFit. ClickFit includes a range of useful tools to help employees stay on track and make cooking easier.

  • Food and exercise diary
  • Automatic shopping lists
  • Specialised Diabetes and Bowel Cancer nutritional programs
  • Tailored programs
  • Nutrition analysis
  • Weekly health and wellbeing information and tips
  • Exercise videos
  • Activity tracker integration (Garmin)
  • Customer support

Click Diet book

The Click Diet helps you understand your energy equation—the principle behind successful weight management—and gives you the tools you need to personalise an eating and exercise plan that's right for you. The diet provides insight into the codes of behaviour which have caused you to gain weight, and offers strategies to help you achieve your very own 'happy weight'. It also discusses one of the least talked about factors of weight management — your personal environment — and explains how to deal with food at home, at work and at parties.

Measuring tape, pedometer, measuring cups and spoons

You can only manage what you can measure. So to make this a reality the Rapid Program kits also provide the measuring devices to track your progress and measure your success…a measuring tape to measure your lost centimetres, a pedometer to track your steps and measuring cups and spoons to keep you food portions in check.

What to expect

Rapid Weight Loss Challenge

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