Manual Handling Training


Alignment Workshop

This workshop is designed to align and engage leadership and the workforce in the management of musculoskeletal related harm and injuries. The workshop is facilitated by one of our Senior Consultants and the information gained from the workshops is used to develop a targeted musculoskeletal health and safety strategic action plan.


Fulfil a compliance requirement to consult your workforce in the process of managing workplace musculoskeletal injury risk.


An informed strategic plan that is designed to target workplace musculoskeletal injury risk at your workplace


Increased worker engagement in health & safety plans relating to the reduction of musculoskeletal injury risk


  1. A culture survey that will establish the workplace culture relating to managing musculoskeletal related harm and injuries.
  2. A two hour workshop with management and the workforce that will:
    1. Explore the causal factors of musculoskeletal (MS) related harm and injuries.
    2. Outline the legal framework employers/employee operate in
    3. Identifying risks and areas for improvement
    4. Identifying controls and recommendations that could be used to mitigate against the identified risk and better manage musculoskeletal related harm and injuries.
    5. Prioritising and coordinate identified controls and recommendations
  3. A report of the findings and recommendations from the workshop/s for management review and implementation.
  4. Optional strategic planning meeting with key stakeholders to discuss the prioritisation and implementation of key strategic actions


MoveSAFE - Manual Handling Training

This training program is participatory, practical and is designed to respond to the functional demands of your workplace. The aim of the training is to raise awareness of the multi-factorial nature of musculoskeletal injury risk, and target and encourage the health & safety behaviours that are within the workforces’ control. To transfer the knowledge gained into a skill we offer a flexible on-the-job ‘Follow-up’ program.


Being able to define ‘what is a manual task?’, and the steps individuals can take to reduce their risk of injury when performing a manual task.

Positive health & safety behaviour

Being able to practically identify manual task hazards and implement relevant control measures by using Ethos Health RADAR risk management process.

Legislative requirements

Demonstrate an awareness of stakeholder responsibilities relating to WHS legislation


  1. Preparatory review of work-specific tasks - this allows for training preparation and familiarisation with the specific tasks conducted by the participants for customisation of training content and for the development of an effective practical component to the training.
  2. Workshopping the factors contributing to a leading culture where workers MoveSAFE.
  3. Task specific manual task injury prevention training (MoveSAFE Principles) - HLTHSE204D: Follow Safe Manual Handling Practices.
  4. Discussion regarding worker health and well-being and the evidence relating this to musculoskeletal injury risk.
  5. Demonstration of our MoveSAFE 5 Minute (Pre-start) Warm Up to promote benefits of preparing for manual work.
  6. On the job worker follow up and reinforcement of key MoveSAFE principles.

* This training program covers largely the same content as the Competency Training program . However the awareness training does not include the assessments of theoretical and practical applications of the training content that is included in the competency format.



Manual Handling Leadership Training

Getting workers to engage and continually use safe manual task practices (HLTHSE204D) and take responsibility for their individual risk factors is one of the most challenging issues for the leadership in a workplace. This 6 week program is designed to upskill your workforce leaders to manage musculoskeletal health and safety in a systematic, consultative and compliant way. Giving leaders the practicable skills to be able to use a risk based approach to reviewing manual task risk, employ sound mechanical movement principles when supporting their colleagues performing manual tasks and engage workers in healthier & safer behaviour.

Shared Action

Leaders demonstrate an awareness of stakeholder responsibilities relating to health & safety and are able to identify how typicalmanual task sprains and strains occur.

Risk Management

Leaders able to practically identify manual task hazards using MoveSAFE process and arrive at suitable control measures

Educating Employees

Leaders able to demonstrate and educate their colleagues regarding work specific manual tasks with an understanding of MoveSAFE principles and 5 Minute Warm Up exercises.


  1. A survey that will establish the workplace culture relating to managing musculoskeletal related harm and injuries, that is then used to better inform and support the MoveSAFE Maturity Workshop conducted in Session 1
  2. 3 x 2 hour modulated training & coaching sessions:

Leadership Training Session 1

  • Maturity Workshop
  • Competency Training
  • Participant Learning Activity

Leadership Training Session 2

  • Awareness Review
  • Task Analysis Training
  • Warm Up Training
  • Participant Learning Activity

Leadership Training Session 3

  • Task Analysis Review
  • On-the-job MoveSAFE Coaching
  • Leadership Competency Assessment


  • Leadership Training Participant Feedback
  • 3 month post-training review of key indicators