Pre Start Warm Up

Our Pre-start One Minute Warm Up Program is designed to provide a business sensitive pre-start warm up for work routine to help reduce the musculoskeletal disorder risk for a workforce.The exercises are based on a widely accepted dynamic warm up technique that is used in sport that serves to help prepare cold muscles and joints for work, increase power and range of movement and importantly help workers move better, move safely and reduce the risk of injury.


Ethos Health use a number of engagement techniques to ensure the workforce adopts the pre start warm ups.


Follow up session includes progressing the level of exercises to more complex examples.

Reduce Injury

Prepare your workforce for functional tasks and teach leaders to facilitate the pre-start warm ups in our absence.


Ethos Health’s Movement Preparation platform is designed around a ‘Train the Trainer’ model with leading hands, supervisors / leaders being educated and supported to co-ordinate this program on a daily basis.

The initiative is based around a 12 week package consisting of 3 sets of 4 week blocks which can be customised. Each block will consist of:

  • A presentation to leading hands / movement prep leaders (1 hour)
  • Selling the benefits of Movement Preparation
  • Teaching the exercises
  • Teaching how to teach these exercises
  • A site visit can be made available to support the efforts of implementation during the blocks at shift pre-start to view leaders demonstrating the exercises

    Each block will have new exercises, with slightly differing goals:

  • Develop effective functional movement patterns
  • Refine and improve upon functional movement patterns
  • Embed pre start movement preparation into the working day