Workplace Ergonomics

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the field of study of the processes in relationship to human capabilities and interactions in the workplace.

Minor changes in the workplace (new controls, new desk and new chair) can have potential huge implications in the ability of an individual or work group to complete a task/s in comfort. In order to meet individual worker's needs regarding flexibility, heights, fitness etc, adjustable workstations are required. Effective use of ergonomic practices will assist in maintaining high levels of productivity, avoiding painful and costly employee injuries and increase worker satisfaction.

Rapid Weight Loss Challenge

Ergonomics Talks and Workshops

A sedentary lifestyle is considered to be a major contributor to adverse health outcomes such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes Management

Workstation Ergonomic Checks

Ergonomics in the workplace is crucial for job efficiency, workplace health, productivity and reducing the risk of developing repetitive stress injuries, and keeping company morale high.

Managing Risk

Ethos Health uses an integrated systems approach to manage ergonomic risk. Ethos Health assist organisations to address existing WHS systems by:

  • Establish metrics, including lead indicators such as specific targets to control identified hazardous manual tasks.
  • Develop a systematic process for conducting ergonomic risk assessments in the workplace.
  • Implementing appropriate safe working control and procedures for hazardous manual tasks.
  • Monitor implemented plans and control measures into the WHS risk management documentation.

Risk Management Process

Risk Management Process

As industry leaders in providing systems, people and resources, Ethos Health enables workplaces to prevent and better manage musculoskeletal injuries. We ensure businesses comply with legislative requirements and focus on minimising the direct dollar cost of our services to clients by leveraging our breadth of services, experienced team and knowledge of the framework within which our clients operate. Our highly experienced and capable team work across a diverse range of industries including mining, local government, maritime, aged care, transport, construction, manufacturing, defence and office environments.