Early Intervention Assessment

The Early Intervention Assessment (EIA) is designed as a rapid response assessment for a work-related musculoskeletal injury.

Early intervention assessment focuses on identifying and responding to an acute injury or signs of developing overuse injury in the workplace. Responding early often prevents a worker from further developing a long-term injury, reducing lost time and related workers’ compensation claims.

An Early Intervention Assessment with Etos Health can be conducted in our clinic or at your worksite by one of our experienced workplace physiotherapists.

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Injury Prevention 

Prevents long-term absence from the workplace and accelerates recovery and return to work (RTW)

Reduce Injury Escalation

The impact of escalating workplace injuries can be reduced by taking early preventative measures .

Workers Compensation

Enabling early assessment of an injury can help your organisation to contain workers' compensation premiums and in many cases avoid claims.

The assessment and report gives all stakeholders (workplace, injured worker, physician, treating health professional, insurer) a clear understanding of suggested injury management strategies which may include clinical treatment:

  • Appropriate suitable duties and return to work planning,
  • Preventative measure such as manual task training,
  • Specific functional conditioning and/or workplace ergonomic modifications.

An Early Intervention Assessment and Report will provide advice regarding:

  • Injury assessment, prognosis and musculoskeletal first aid
  • Injury management and rehabilitation planning
  • Capacity for work
  • Appropriate follow-up and injured worker support
  • Risk mitigation strategies to prevent recurrence