Work Tolerance Assessment

This assessment tests an injured workers ability to meet the inherent functional demands of the job, which guides their most efficient return to work undertaking pre-injury duties. Conducted in our clinic or at the workplace by a Physiotherapist, this assessment routinely screens:

  • Medical, familial and injury history
  • Cardiovascular function
  • Musculoskeletal and neurological function
  • Functional capacity
  • Aerobic fitness (sub-maximal test)


A Work Tolerance Assessment by Ethos Health is all about safely returning an injured worker to work. Employers, medical practitioners and insurers engage Ethos Health to complete Work Tolerance Assessments because of our understanding of the demands of each role, and our approach that ensures:

  • Workers returning to high risk or physically demanding tasks have demonstrated the functional capacity to do so safely
  • Employers and workers understand what measures they can take to reduce risk of re-injury, both individually and in partnership
  • Medical practitioners have total confidence that a return to work plan will be clearly outlined with any task-specific risks clearly identified